• Image of Dan Potthast assorted 12" vinyl
  • Image of Dan Potthast assorted 12" vinyl
  • Image of Dan Potthast assorted 12" vinyl

Dan Potthast (born October 9, 1972) is an American musician, based in Santa Cruz, California. He is perhaps best known as the guitarist and vocalist of the St. Louis, Missouri ska-punk band MU330, of which he co-founded in 1988.

Potthast also tours and performs as an acoustic solo musician and previously fronted the indie-rock band The Stitch-Up. Since 2009, he has led the Santa Cruz-based ska collective Dan P. and the Bricks with former members of Slow Gherkin.

Dan was kind enough to leave Australia with a limited collection of albums on vinyl for you to purchase!

These are never before played, sealed, new vinyl!

Dan P My living room

1. Thank You
2. All I Can Be
3. 600 Miles
4. The Future vs. The Now
5. Blame It On Me
6. Proud
7. This Kind of Love
8. Older Now
9. All in Time
10. Does Your Heart Need Love
11. We Got Around
12. Throwing Dirt
13. You've Got the World
14. Explode

Dan P and the Bricks

1. Watch Where You Walk
2. Fan
3. Footdown
4. Set Sail
5. One Reason
6. Map of the Stairs
7. Mess It Up
8. Heartbeat Survival
9. Completely True
10. Connecting Four
11. Sweat For It
12. Quit On Me

Dan P. & Toh Kay (Streetlight Manifesto)
You By Me

I've Set Sail
I Went In
Tornado Joe
Got Through Another One
A Moment of Silence
Somewhere in the Between
Watch it Crash
We Will Fall Together
The Big Sleep