• Image of The Planet Smashers - Descent into the Valley of...
  • Image of The Planet Smashers - Descent into the Valley of...

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Descent Into the Valley of...
The Hippopotamus
Looking Good
Happy New Year's
Die Tomorrow
My Obsession
UPS of America
I'm OK if You Want to Party
I Believe You
If I Can Get it on My Own
Something Special
Death Threats
Until You Go Way (Triple Baconator)
Life of the Party
Missionary's Downfall
J'aime Ta Femme (I Like You Girl)
Too Much Attitude
Surfin' In Tofino
Bullets to the Ground
Raise Your Glass
Super Orgy
SK8 or Die
Pee In the Elevator

You have to hand it to ska: It's some of the most feel-good, stupid-fun music on Earth. We defy anyone to listen to "The Hippopotamus" and not immediately burst into skanking. That tune and others from the latest by Montreal's the Planet Smashers is the perfect soundtrack to the most imperfect dance style. On Descent Into The Valley Of…, the Smashers are in tip-top form, serving up sizzling platters of third-wave ska with a little punk thrown in for rebellion's sake (see the wild and crazy "Food Fight!!!"). Horns are blaring, vocals are smarmy and the off-time beats are infectious. Yes, those who have an aversion toward ska (and the overuse of exclamation points) may not be entirely impressed with the prospect of listening to this album, but that's where they are so wrong. This is the kind of ska-punk that anyone can listen to: roughnecked Hatebreed fans, teary-eyed emo nerds, D-beat crusty punks and even indie-rock snobs. Click on Descent Into The Valley Of…, and we can almost guarantee world peace—or at least solidarity amongst the underground music world's many subgenres. Seriously, listen to "Looking Good" and just try to keep your body still. It cannot be done!