• Image of The Resignators - Cherry Skull tee shirt + new album + best of CD
  • Image of The Resignators - Cherry Skull tee shirt + new album + best of CD
  • Image of The Resignators - Cherry Skull tee shirt + new album + best of CD

Get A Cherry Skull tee shirt and the brand new album, Party Dates, as well as 10 years of... compilation featuring tracks from the past 10 years...

Cherry Skull tee shirt... back in stock.

1. The Requiem
2. Party dates
3. Holy Guacamole
4. Parasol
5. Drunken Interlude
6. Waltz with me on Johnston Street
7. Limbo
8. Let your hair hang down - Evie part 1
9. So in love with you - Evie part 2
10. I’m losing you - Evie part 3
11. Wasted Sundays
12. My Pal

Recorded at the iconic Sing Sing Studios in the back streets of Richmond by Venezuelan American Marcel Fernandez and Australian producer Adam Rhodes, The Resignators have carefully crafted an album, their fourth studio album, with a combination of original tunes as well as two reworked covers, both iconic Australian tunes, and given the horn infused treatment as only The Resignators can.

Sure there are the ska licks and punk offerings that The Resignators are known for, but now The Resignators move to explore different elements of the genre, introducing a New Orleans feel and some South American rhythms.

Featuring the first single, Party Dates, Party Dates the album, transitions from track to track in an uplifting way.

Party Dates is designed to be listened to in it's entirety, sure there will be tracks that you'll want to listen to over and over, but The Resignators have crafted and created an album to be consumed, savoured and enjoyed from track one through to track 12.

With each listen you'll discover something new, a new sound, a new theme, something that will stick in your memory.

4. Offbeat Feeling
5. Emotional ( It’s all good)
6. I bleed
7. Kablamo
8. Now we’re getting somewhere
9. The Ultimatum
10. Weirdos, superheros and me
11. Here’n’there
12. See you in hell
13. Rage
14. Told me twice
15. Shape I’m in
16. Booze n tattoos
17. Black jack swing
18. Lest we forget
19. Buy more shit
20. Sugar High

Celebrating 10 years of ska punk madness, this compilation features selected tracks from previous albums, EPs and demos... even some hard to find gems